“I was injured playing basketball on October 15, 2013 in Roy Utah. As the Fire Chief, I was trying to compete at a high level that I was not prepared for. As result I was injured by tearing the majority of all lateral ligaments around my ankle, bruising the medial ankle bone, and tearing the lateral calf muscle. X-rays revealed no broken bones. MRI revealed torn ligaments with deep bone bruising. The orthopedic specialist advised me I would not compete at that level for 9 months. I had massive swelling, deep bruising that went to my knee, no lateral or forward motion and I was on crutches.
I was recommended by others to have WorkAbility Centers, who specialized in injuries like mine, to explore my options for recovery. I was so impressed by their quick response to my call and their "ability" to fit me in to an already booked schedule. Their staff operated at a high level of professionalism, with quality customer service. They truly went out of their way to aid in my recovery, supplying me with the necessary equipment for stability and support, workout programs, weekly appointments and gentle care.

As I finish my letter of appreciation, I am glad to share with you all that after only 3 months since my time of injury, I played in my first competitive basketball game with limited motion. I want to thank all of the staff at WorkAbility Centers, and tell them how much I appreciate all they did for me and their "ability" to get me back to normal. I have also recommended others who have had injuries to you because I know of the care they will receive. ”


Chief Jason Poulsen, Roy City Fire Department

"I have gone to WorkAbility Centers for the past several years due to different injuries. I've worked with each of the therapists and massage therapists and I can honestly say that I've really enjoyed working with them. They are understanding and compassionate, but get the job done. The entire staff is friendly and makes each patient feel welcomed and lets them know just how much they appreciate them. I'm moving now, but if you need a physical therapist they are DEFINITELY worth it! They're amazing! I used them for severe back problems and later went back for therapy after a sprained ankle and therapy after surgery for said sprained ankle."

-Lakeyshia Holman