The Post Offer of Employment Test (POET) is a natural extension of the Physical Demands Analysis (PDA).  The testing protocol reflects the work done as identified in the PDA and establishes pass/fail scores.  POETs are used after a job offer has been extended to an individual with the provision that they must pass the test prior to onset of employment, similar todrug screen requirements. 

The POET process ensures the employer of legally defensible testing that can be used to disqualify those applicants who do not have the physical abilities to successfully and safely do the job.  This , in turn, reduces employee's risk for injury and employer's exposure to costly injuries and lost time.  

WorkAbility Centers' experts have formulated and administered POET protocolsfor companies such as Orbital ATK, Salt Lake City Corporation, ATI Metals, US Magnesium, and the Salt Lake City Department of Airports. They have seen their injury rates fall in their tested population, and have made improvements in their processes following assessment of the physical demands of their jobs.