WORKABILITY CENTERS is a mobile group of physical, occupational and massage therapists and ergonomists  who assist in preventing work place injuries and address the needs of employees who do sustain work-related injuries. Our on-site and in-clinic services  include first aid care, physical demands analyses, job risk evaluations, ergonomic analyses, functional capacity evaluations, post-offer of employment testing, and massage therapy.  In addition, we have two full service physical therapy clinics located in Clearfield and West Valley City, Utah. 

Our clients range from diaper manufacturing to titanium mining to aerospace.  Our clients have all reported significant return on investment (ROI) while using our services. The ROI is attributable to reduced utilization of worker’s compensation insurance, fewer hours away from work, fewer sick days, improved productivity, and reduced ergonomic risk.  For additional information about each of our services, contact us here.

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tami Reynolds-Call, MSPT - president and owner

Tami has been a physical therapist since 1996 and is the founder and owner of WorkAbility Centers since its inception in 2005.  She has been instrumental in setting up legally defensible post offer of employment testing for various corporations including; Orbital ATK, ATI Metals, US Magnesium, Salt Lake City Corporation, and the Salt Lake City Department of Airports.  She is Matheson trained to perform Functional Capacity Evaluations and finds satisfaction in helping companies prevent OSHA recordable injuries and worker's compensation claims through preventive measures.  She is certified in Graston Instrument Assisted Massage techniques as well as Dry Needling through the Spinal Manipulation Institute.


Deana Aure, PT - work-site physical Therapist

Deana has been a physical therapist since 1990.  She performs first aid care, job risk analyses, ergonomic assessments and participates in worker education while sitting on ergonomic councils for two of our biggest accounts.  She has worked closely with Health and Safety Departments to reduce worker injury rates. She has provided ergonomics training through the Rocky Mountain Center and for the Utah Industrial Hygiene and Safety Conference at the University of Utah.

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Naomi harris, MPT - work-site physical therapist

Naomi has been a physical therapist since 1987.  She has extensive history in orthopaedic rehabilitation and currently provides preventive first aid  care and medical rehabilitation as well as ergonomic expertise to assist several large corporate clients in reducing worker injury risk.  She is a natural educator and enjoys training individuals and groups in improving body mechanics, posture and overall comfort while performing their jobs.




Ashlee Williams, DPT - Clinical/work site physical therapist

Ashlee graduated from the University of Utah with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She completed her undergraduate education at Weber State University receiving her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Therapy. She provides in clinic rehabilitation and on-site first aid care for corporate clients.  She  enjoys working with people and helping them to achieve their functional goals.





Samantha graduated from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  She completed her undergraduate education also from Carroll University in Exercise Science.  She currently provides first aid care, preventive education and training as well as ergonomics expertise for several large corporations.





Dee Hinckley received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from the University of Washington, focusing on Industrial Rehabilitation and Ergonomics.  Dee has worked as an industrial Occupational Therapist for a major US Airline and as the Regional Industrial Specialist for companies in Washington and Utah.  Dee has extensive experience in employer outreach, working in the public utility, transportation, manufacturing, construction and assembly arenas.  She has worked with the Occupational Safety and Health Association of Washington, Associated General Contractors, and the Washington Occupational Therapy Association.  Dee has authored several chapters and articles and is a local and nationally recognized speaker on ergonomics and industrial injury prevention.


rob elliot, PHD, CPE - ergonomist

Rob is a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) that has worked with people in many industries from manufacturing to office businesses. An ergonomist's job is to find ways to make job tasks more user-friendly, healthy and productive. Rob's experience in ergonomics is supported by a background in manufacturing, tool engineering and error proofing.  Rob has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Utah State University and Master of Engineering (M.E.) degree from the University of Utah.  He has also earned a P.h.D in Ergonomics from the University of Utah.


jeanine reynolds, pta, ART - physical therapist assistant

Jeanine is a licensed physical therapist assistant and is certified in Active Release Technique (ART).  She received her education at San Juan College in Farmington, NM graduating May of 1996.  She provides in-clinic  patient care and also at several on-site locations.  She also manages our in-clinic post offer of employment testing.




jenny wolfgram, lmt - massage therapist

Jenny is a licensed massage therapist with extensive injury massage experience.  She uses state-of-the-art techniques such as Swedish relaxation massage, deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, sports and injury techniques, cupping, and instrument assisted massage to assist patients and workers in preventing progression of early symptoms and restoring function.  Jenny see clients  in our clinic and at our on-site locations.  




Lynn is a licensed massaged therapist who provides healing massage therapy including Swedish, deep tissue and injury massage as well as trigger point therapy at on-site locations.






Marti is a licensed massaged therapist who provides healing massage therapy including Swedish, lymph, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and myofascial release at on-site locations.