Working with the therapists of WorkAbility has been a pleasure and a real help in the treatment of our employees.  Through the use of first aid PT we have been able to avoid OSHA recordable injuries and submit a cost avoidance of over $1.3M in FY09.  In a pilot program of the POET program we went from over 20 injuries a year to ZERO the next year.  Our investment in Work Ability has delivered a great ROI.”

David Allcott APRN, ANP-BC, COHN-S, Medical Services Manager, Orbital ATK


I am writing to highly recommend the services of WorkAbility Centers. The Salt Lake City Department of Airports has been utilizing their expertise since 2006 and I have had the pleasure of working with them since 2009. I work as the Safety Program Manager for the SLCDA employees, so I am always striving to reduce the amount of injuries our employees sustain at work, the time lost, and costs involved with our workers comp claims. WorkAbility provides us with Post Offer Of Employment screenings and Physical Demands Assessments.

We now have more confidence that when we hire a new employee, they will have an introduction to the physical demands of the job ahead of time and we will know they are capable of performing the job tasks.

We also utilize their first aid physical therapy services to reduce the amount of work related injuries and costs associated. During the first year of implementing this program, our work related injury costs were reduced by $100,000 and continue to decline. 

WorkAbility also provides us with ergonomic evaluations of our work stations or job tasks to help reduce fatigue and prevent the onset of injury to the employee.

They have extensive experience and knowledge in their field of expertise. They continuously provide SLCDA with professional and valuable services. They are very effective communicators and are highly respected by our employee group. I receive positive feedback from our employees about WorkAbility on a regular basis. They constantly help positively impact the health and wellness of our employees and make their lives better.

It is always a pleasure to partner with WorkAbility and I highly recommend them to any company interested in radically changing the way their program prevents injury, improves the lives of their employees and reduces the amount of costs involved with work related injuries. 

Heidi Harward, Safety Program Manager, Salt Lake City Department of Airports