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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) allows companies to provide on-site first aid services for their injured employees. OSHA has defined the requirements for record keeping for work related injuries as well as the criteria regulating first aid treatment.

Our practice utilizes that criteria for first aid care as follows:

  1. Using hot or cold therapy

  2. Using any non-rigid means of support, such as elastic bandages, wraps, non-rigid back belts, etc. (devices with rigid stays or other systems designed to immobilize parts of the body are considered medical treatment for record keeping purposes).  This includes use of kinesiotape and other forms of taping.

  3. Using massages.

  4. As per the OSHA regulation, we do not provide specialized exercise prescription for injured employees.

In addition to these services, WORKABILITY CENTERS' therapists  provide the injured employee with information designed to help them recover from the incident more quickly.

Here’s how it works:

 For non urgent musculoskeletal injuries, send the employee to a WORKABILITY CENTERS location or affiliate.

The physical therapist completes a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to ensure they are a candidate for first aid measures only.  They utilize first aid treatment options and teach your employee how to manage their symptoms. The worker is able to see the physical therapist for several treatments to teach them, treat them with first aid measures, and get them ready to return to work. The majority of the time treatment is successful and the worker returns to work without opening an OSHA 300 log or a worker’s compensation case. In certain cases, after the physical therapy evaluation, if the worker is not appropriate for first aid care only, the worker is referred back to the company with recommendations for full medical care.

First Aid Care can also be done on-site at your facility. All that is needed is a private space with a sturdy table where a treatment pad can be placed so the worker can be evaluated. The physical therapist can then provide consultations, evaluations and first aid level treatments.

If desired, a full service treatment facility can be implemented on-site.